Each week I set aside a few loaves of bread to package and send.

In my kitchen, I choose not to use all-purpose flour, but instead work with responsible millers to find the most flavorful fresh whole flours or high-extraction sifted flours that retain nourishment. I also often get grains from farmers and mill them myself, seeking out stewards of the land who share my values. I find it exciting to locate some of the modern landraces being developed by progressive breeders, as well as heritage grains that intrepid farmers are trying their weatherworn hands at saving from extinction. My bread is always naturally leavened unless otherwise noted in rare cases. Each loaf takes between 24 and 48 hours to make, which has become a meditative act for me that I’m grateful to share.

I send each loaf fresh out of the oven, with just enough time to cool and package. It usually arrives to you two days later.