Our Daily Bread

Now you are a microcosm
of the tumbling
universe, carried by
time’s debris to sustain
and delight.
I dip my finger in,
cradle you with my senses
as you reach for me

with your sweet
malty scent—
Your grasses
and oceans
and a million
living molecules
that feed and transform
and become.

Someday we will cut
into this, slice away
thick hearty pieces,
take bites we think
we can swallow,
nourish our heartbreak—
heels of crust waiting
to be gnawed.

We’ve already yielded
to this mystery of holding
together and pushing outward,
the quotidian balance
our bodies allow
after the crush of furrows,
our selves worked
until ready for fire.

Take this—
a thousand bites
of bread and devour
long eons of toil
and hunger, morning’s
darkness, awakened
in wild necessity for
a taste of you.